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LIDAR to DXF beta testing.

LIDARtoDXF (currently in free beta testing) is a 64 bit Windows program which converts LIDAR data into smaller, more manageable, DXF files.

LIDAR to DXF conversion overview...

The DXF files do not contain all the data of the original LIDAR files, but sometimes you need get an idea of the territory you are working on (in AutoCAD for example) without the complexity and cost of a full GIS program.

Currently the program only reads ESRI .ASC files, XYZ files and DEM files. Contact me with your requests for other LIDAR file formats. I imagine the next one I'll do will be followed by LAS then LAZ. There is a limited on-line-help.

This beta version can be downloaded by clicking on the link below. I don't ask for your email and I don't ask for you to sign up to anything. If you can give me feedback though it would be most welcome.

Download LIDARtoDXF Windows program



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